Cushion cut diamonds are also referred to as the old mine cut or mine cut, which name is derived from the shape as a result of the pillow resemblance. A cushion cut diamond exactly is a loose diamonds which are square or rectangular; compare to the princess cut diamond, with rounded corners. Although it is generally less brilliant than brilliant round diamonds, cushions cut diamonds have more fire. Whether it has light or their soft, distinctive, rounded corners with a shape of a square that attracts buyers, the cut cushion diamonds have successfully claimed its spot as the third most popular diamond well-shaped.

James Allen loose diamonds

Nonetheless, you can get more information about all the other shapes of diamond here. Moreover, if you have a plan to shop for one of these popular stones, then you need to know your way towards their different ratios and styles. Further, traditional cuts will be broken down, and which have lesser but more significant facets as well as modified cushion brilliants or modern cushions, with many or more aspects as a round brilliant, so, therefore, you need to focus on one thing: how to get the most exceptional possible cushion cut diamond. Once the cut standard for diamonds, the cuts have a long history and these old favorites never fade out of style. In other words, it is also one of the confusing cuts more, so it is essential to get more details about these diamonds before you go ahead to purchase one.

Cushion cut diamond a brief history

The history of this beautiful diamond, and why it has so many names, traces back to the 19th century. The cushion cut diamond always wasn’t known as that back in the past; the original shape was referred to as the mine cut and, eventually, the ancient mine cut. The square diamond that has rounded corners is the mine cut. It was given the name after the Brazilian diamond mines. The moment diamonds were discovered in South Africa later, the Brazilian diamond mines were known as the (old mines). So, naturally, the stone that was named after the mines got a name change, too.

Nevertheless, these mine cut or old mine cut is different from the modern cushion cut that you know currently. These mine cut of the oldies contains 25 pavilion facets while 33 crown facets 58 facets in total. Instead of 58 aspects like the ancient mine cut had, the modern cushion cut includes 64 sides. Importantly, the contemporary cushion cut has a resemblance of a cross between the ancient mine cut and a modern oval cut. In that case, what it means to you is that you will notice a stylish cushion looks more brilliant compared to their ancient mine counterparts.

Cushion cut diamond settings

For their enticing vintage charm Cushion cut, diamonds are most adored. While engagement rings with vintage-style tend to have pair settings with the style old school coupled with several diamond shapes, a specific hint of nostalgia can as well be an achievement through perfect settings for the cushion cut diamond. Although it is far from vintage, while these cushion cut halo ring also has these undeniable beauties as well as sizeable fan following.

Whether it is a 4-carat cut diamond or 2-carat cushion cut diamond, four-prong is the most setting that is practical. This setting gives the assurance that the stone will keep remaining in place for the most prolonged period possible. And we are sure you have heard something about the four prongs versus six-prong debate. However, the extra prongs can as well cause light blockage and also make your stone look dull more. Nevertheless, extra metal goes a long way to prevent a fire from entering into those places; definitely, the effect on your cushion cut diamond will less. The sparkle and light generated from the upper sections of the diamond that is uncovered like the table facet. We, therefore, suggest that making such a decision on the security of your stone and personal preference. If the stone is mainly rectangular or large, the best choice might not be four prongs. A 6-prong setting is utilized for these diamonds that are larger to ensure maximum durability and stability of the stone.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds Types to Know

The uniqueness of these understated romance; the cushion cut diamond is a decision timeless for a ring. With their rectangular shape, eye-catching brilliance and softened square, which offers a unique look with an old-world captivation? It is no big deal that cushions have raised in popularity. A few of the celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Karlie Kloss and Kayla Itsines who rock these diamond cut.

The inclusions of Cushions hide are very well and are known for their soft, pillow shape. While less brilliant generally than the brilliant round diamonds, cushion cut diamonds often come with better fire, which is part of their beauty. Cushion cut diamonds standards vary more than most other shapes, and also personal taste will determine your choice. Moreover, they are also one of the least diamonds with various variations. There are three significant types of cut cushion diamonds: Old Mine cushion cut antique, cushion modified, and cushion brilliant.

Old Mine – Cut Antique Cushion

Also known to be the miner cut, the old mine cut diamonds are the to today’s precursors cushion cut stones. This was the simple shape used during the era of the Victorian and Edwardian. They vary in look and are very rare.

Modified Cushion

The cushion cut diamond is the most modern cushion that is prevalent and is known to be a modified cushion with an extra row of facets, giving it a crushed appearance that is iced.

Cushion Brilliant

Compared to its counterpart that is modified, the cushion brilliant is very rare, and as a result of these reasons, there is a premium generally on them. The cushion bright has a larger surface, fewer facets with more sparkles similarly to a round brilliant. The requested shape is therefore elongated, with a 1.10-1.25 length to width ratio; however, personal preference should dictate its choice. The surfaces of the diamond are the facet that helps to reflect the light and give it that sparkling look that we all love. Brilliant diamonds are cut cushion diamonds which means they are reduced to maximize the brilliance of the stone. However, Cushion Cut contains different faceting more than other brilliants, likewise the round cut diamonds.

Although they are all brilliants, there is a cushion modified brilliant, cushion brilliant and the hybrid between the two. The modified excellent with the most ice crushed appearance of them all, which some individuals like. Some stones are also diamonds that are crushed ice. The hybrid has some of these facts, although less than the plain brilliant cushion.

Modified and standard Brilliant Cushion Cuts

Unlike most other fancy shapes, cushions cut diamonds can be uniquely created from several cut patterns that are different.  Although you will find the standard cut in older diamonds and it is still in use today. A new cushion modified entered the market In the 1920s, an extra row of facets below the girdle. So, therefore, when you are searching, you may see the description of cushion modified. it is still a cushion-cut diamond.

Further, whether the cut diamond has a modified or standard cushion cut doesn’t have a direct effect on its performance and beauty. Either type can have high or poor performance as well. Nonetheless, both cuts can display each of their two “looks” for a cushion-cut diamond.

 Cut Guide – for Cushion Cut Diamond

Table % 61 – 67 58 – 60


68 – 70

56 – 57



54 – 55


72 – 73

< 54


> 73

Depth % 61 – 67 58 – 60.9


67.1 – 70

56 – 57.9


70.1 – 71

54 – 55.9


71.1 – 73

< 54


> 73

Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin



Very Thin


Very Thick

Ex. Thin


Ex. Thick

Culet None Very Small Small Medium > Medium

Cushion-Cut Diamonds – Length to Width Ratios

The shaped like a square with a 1.00 length to width ratio is the traditional cushion cut diamond. You can also find them slightly in a rectangular shape. The most popular cushion cut diamonds are somewhat square with a length to width ratio of 1.10 to 1.20. Also, it is a question of personal preference and taste that will factor into your decision when buying. Every diamond we display is shown with its measurements precisely, including its length to width ratio. You should be aware of the exact size and shape of any cut diamond under consideration. Cushion cut diamonds get their name because they possess the form of a pillow with a square or almost square style that has rounded edges. However, you can as well get a cushion cut diamond with elongation also one side slightly longer than the other. It seems like a cushion cut diamond with elongation shape will cost more, but unfortunately, that is not an issue.

Cushion-Cut Length to Width Ratio Guide


Square 1.00 – 1.03 1.00 – 1.03 1.04 – 1.05 1.06 – 1.08 > 1.08
Rectangle 1.15 – 1.20 1.10 – 1.14


1.21 – 1.30

1.10 – 1.14


1.21 – 1.30

1.08 – 1.09


1.31 – 1.50

< 1.08


> 1.50


One unique and significant feature of the cushion cut diamond is its ability to retain freshness. This is the reason that gives the cushion cut diamond is more famous for diamonds colored and gemstones, as it can increase the beauty of the color. For diamonds that are colorless, however, this is an issue as the color has a direct correlation to value. As a result, it is crucial to choose the color grade carefully.

It is a subjective exercise that is high in accessing the color of cushion-cut diamonds, and one’s taste plays a role. Many individuals prefer the slightly light tones of a diamond G-H than the cooler tones of a D-F diamond. Demand and Supply influence the premium prices of cushion cuts diamonds at the color scale’s higher end. Individuals going for the D-F color grades will pay a higher price for them. If there were no color grading, the grades with higher color would be selling at a much lower price. This is simply because you can hardly see any real color differences.

Color Guide to Cushion Cut Diamond

< .50 ct. D – G H – I J – K L – M > M
.51-1.0 ct. D – F G H – I J – K > K
1.0-2.0 ct. D – F G – H I – J > J
> 2.0 ct. D – F G H – I > I
Fluoro None Faint – Med. Strong Very Strong


When trying to choose the grade for clarity of your cut diamond, put into consideration whether it is ice crushed or the chunky cushion. The iced crushed cushions tend to have hidden flaws as wells as impurities in the diamond. The pattern of the faceting makes it challenging to observe the flaws. Cushions that are chunky show more inclusions due to their distinction in the design of faceting.

Accessing their clarity is also subjective, much like the color of cut cushion diamonds, GIA is a huge help when it comes to clarity grades evaluation. Every customer is likely to have a standard for clarity of his or her own. Some individuals are very comfortable purchasing a diamond with an inclusion if it cannot be easily seen. Other is determined to have a diamond that is more flawless technically.


Cushion Cut Diamond – Clarity Guide

< .50 ct. FL – VS2 SI1 – SI2 I1 I2 > I2
.51-1.0 ct. FL – VS1 VS2 – SI1 SI2 I1 – I2 > I2
1.0-2.0 ct. FL – VVS2 VS1 – VS2 SI1 – SI2 I1 > I1
> 2.0 ct. FL – VVS2 VS1 – VS2 SI1 SI2 > SI2

 Pros of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the significant benefits of a cushion cut diamond ring is that it lacks sharp edges. Mostly, the sharp edge of the cushion cut diamond makes it challenging to handle. There is a high chance for it to get stocked on hair or cloth. Since the cushion diamond rings have pronged edges, such issues do not arise. Most times, women have to take off their diamond sharp-edged rings while styling or washing the hair. Such is not the matter of cushion cut rings.

The significant facets of the cushion cut diamond disperse the light efficiently to give it a beautiful rainbow of colors. Individuals who look for an effect with subtler of the diamond light can go for these since there is no brilliance flashy for it.

The cushion cut diamond significant facets make it more preferable for those who love-colored diamonds. The considerable aspects display off-color to a reasonable extent. It is superior to other stone-colored cuts because it is more affordable.

Many celebrities have utilized cushion cut diamond engagement rings in these current days. Those who are lovers of vintage can make their choice on the cushion cut over the other ones since it is considered to be a classic diamond ring now.

Cons of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Since the facets of the cushion cut are large, the blemishes, as well as the inclusions, will be visible to everyone whereas it is not the case with other cuts diamond. The chance for these to be visible is high if you make a choice of a diamond above the size of 1-carat.

For you to get an excellent looking cushion cut diamond, it should stay above absolute clarity and color threshold. Generally, the clarity of over ( AGS ) or (VS2 ) clarity above 6 is essential to have a good cut diamond. For diamonds grade, the color grade has to be above G and also for AGS color grading should be 0.5 or above.

Not all settings are suitable for cut cushion diamonds. Normally a 4-prong and a 6-prong or double claw prong setting is ideal for cushion diamond and not others.

When purchasing a good ring with a diamond already coated on it, one must ensure that it appears with an authentication certificate.

The wedding jewelry trends are changing gradually from the old way it used to be. Cushion cut diamonds are in high demand presently, and hence one needs to know its pros and cons.


At this juncture, it is of great importance to note that the shape of a diamond can also allude to its “cut,” like a princess or round cut. Nevertheless, this should not be mistaken with the more commonly used term of a cut diamond, which describes how well the diamond has been polished from the raw material. Also known as cut diamonds with pillow shape diamonds facets with broad features and rounded corners that are distinctive, just like the pillows on your favorite sofa. Only as pads come in different forms, so, therefore, cushion cut diamonds are stunning gems that are most times served in a slightly rounded square shape. Also, they can have a shape rectangular.

In other words, some of the diamond cuts have their arranged facets precisely the same, no matter their size. It is not so with cut cushion diamonds. These intriguing stones do share numerous similarities.  The facets are grouped in different forms from rock to sand, making each of the diamond appearance unique. If you like a stone with lots of fire or one with a soft surface, a more subtle appearance, you can probably go for a cushion cut diamond to perfectly suit your taste.