• Canada is the third-largest exporter of diamonds in the world
  • The production value is now over 2 billion dollars in the country
  • Canada produced its first diamond export in 1998, although they were discovered 8 years earlier
  • Some local stores provide quality diamonds
  • The online market has seen a surge in activities


      • With online markets, you get the best deals
      • These deals are unavailable anywhere else
      • You can save more money shopping online
    • Comfort and Ease
      • You can get all you need without moving an inch
      • Inquiries, inspection, and purchases can all be done online.
      • High definition pictures and videos have removed the problem of visualizing diamonds before purchase
    • Cool Features
      • Some online stores have applications that help you do all you need to do just by swiping or clicking.
      • Online stores make the diamond buying process a fun, interesting and easy one
    • A large collection of Diamonds
      • Online stores give you access to more diamonds
      • You get to see varieties that you can pick
      • You would make better decisions about buying online
      • You get to save more time and more effort buying online
      • Online stores give you enough information so you can make informed decisions in the purchase
      • You learn without any rush or pressure.
      • Most people with profound knowledge of diamonds learned from online stores!
    • Online stores have excellent customer services
      • Online stores never close. Anytime you go visit their site, they are always there to attend to you!




  • Blue Nile: 20 years of service
    • The largest collection of diamonds
    • Best deals on the market
    • Quality Handcrafted engagement rings
    • Cheapest products in the market without a drop in quality
    • Awesome delivery services
  • James Allen:
    • 13 years of service
    • Quality and premium diamonds
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Free international shipping
    • 24/7 customer service
  • Whiteflash: 19 years of producing quality.
    • Exemplary cut quality
    • Massive collection of diamonds
    • Detailed analysis of every stone
    • Strict quality control
    • Excellent customer service: Won the 2018 BBB Pinnacle Award
    • 100% trade-up guaranteed for life
    • Free shipping
  • Brian Gavin: Discovered a new grading system for hearts and arrows
    • Known for his signature super ideal cuts
    • Awesome customer services
    • Wide range of personally cut and curated diamonds

INTRODUCTION: Buying Diamonds in Canda

Canada is the third-largest exporter of diamond in the world. Statistics have shown that there was a significant increase in the diamond production of the country in the last decade and the production value is now over 2 billion US dollars.

Do not be surprised by these facts. Over time, more concentration has usually been paid to Africa and Europe as far as diamond mining and discovery is concerned. However, in 1998, Canada produced its first diamonds for export which were discovered 8 years earlier.

Since then, Canada has gone on to become a powerhouse in the mining, sales, and exports of diamonds and this is evidenced by several diamond stores lined up in various parts of the country, from Toronto to Vancouver, Montreal and beyond.

Canada has very high-quality rough diamonds which makes it very valuable in the market. Many Canadians love to buy diamonds made from their country and it is worthy of note that the industry has benefitted immensely from this home support. Although the majority of the diamonds are still exported because there are not so many diamond finishers in Canada.

All over the world, it is undeniable that there has been an increase in buying and selling activities online. The advent of easier methods of payment, without having to go to a bank or even leave your home has changed everything. The diamond buying and selling nosiness are not left out and the reasons for this online boom include:

  1. Awesome deals: The online market place is where to go if you want to get the best deals for your diamonds. Online stores have lower running costs and so can lower their prices in a way that local stores cannot. The implication for you as the buyer is that you get better deals and cheaper prices. For instance, the Blue Nile, a major online vendor, is credited to be the destination for the cheapest diamonds anywhere! There is nothing as amazing as being able to get your diamonds 30% lower than your friends bought theirs and with zero reduction in quality!
  2. COMFORT AND EASE: Online processes do not require you to move an inch. You can stay indoors all day and purchase as many diamonds as you like. Whether you want to make inquiries or even inspect a diamond. Yes! Inspection can be done online. Diamond vendors online have been able to come up with new technology that allows you to view your diamond from all angels in High definition. So, all that talk of ‘I might not be able to know what I am getting’ is no longer valid. You would know and see it! They also provide a detailed analysis of their stones from reputable laboratories like GIA, so you can rest assured that an Excellent cut is an Excellent Cut! I should also mention that you can make purchases online. You do not have to leave your room to do this. You can always get what you want anytime you are ready for it!
  3. Cool Features: The beautiful thing about online vendors is that they are the most tech-savvy of all diamond sellers. Blue Nile again has an Application that would allow you to do whatever you want to do! Imagine going through diamonds on your phone and you can do virtually anything you want to do also.
  4. LARGE COLLECTION OF DIAMONDS: Online stores can provide you with a wide range of options simply because they can accommodate more. As it is, there is no limit to how many diamonds can be accommodated online! But, think about it, how many diamonds can local stores in Canada accommodate? Compared to some stores with more than 150, 000 diamonds online? They cannot just match!
  5. TIME AND EFFORT: Perhaps one of the greatest benefits you get from buying your diamonds online is that you get to save more time, effort and money! You would not have to go through several trips just because you want to get a diamond. You do not have to waste as much time trying to get one either. Studies have shown that it takes a longer time for people who go through local diamond stores to get their diamond. This can be due to so many factors like not finding what they want in time, unavailability of what they want, limited options and a myriad of other reasons.
  6. DIAMOND EDUCATION: Vendors online are more structured and deliberate to help you understand the features of your diamond. Several of them have websites that provide a large number of articles and books for free so that you can really understand what you are looking for. This is not possible in an offline store. I mean, how many hours would someone spend with you in a local store to teach you about Diamond brilliance, the 4Cs of diamond and diamond-cut alone? These are very basic components that affect how you make a decision to purchase. As a matter of fact, if you see anybody with a very good understanding of diamond and diamond features, the person most likely read it from the website of a diamond vendor online and not from a local store!
  7. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER CARE: Online diamond stores understand that the most likely never get to meet their buyers in person and so their first and most times only contact is online or via a phone call at the very best. Therefore, they have top-notch customer care to always ensure that they provide the best services for their customers. It is no surprise that Whiteflash won the Award as a result of their dedication to customer care and satisfaction. Other online vendors also take their customer care section very seriously and as a result, you get the best diamond sales available!
  8. 24/7 AVAILABILITY: Some local diamond stores in Canada do not open until 11 am. YES! This is almost half of the day gone. You have to plan your schedule to fit theirs and how unfortunate would it be for you to go there and you still do not find what you want. Online stores are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year! You can always make orders and inspect or do whatever you want to do at any time of the day. All you have to do is just visit the website and start inspecting. It truly puts you in control of your time and schedule!


Having said of all of this, we would not leave you to surf the internet cluelessly, looking for the best stores. We would recommend some online stores for you; they are the best anywhere.


Blue Nile:

With 20 years of experience below the belt, this is certainly a place to go in search of quality diamonds. The Blue Nile is the biggest online store today and rightly so. They have consistently delivered quality and gained the trust of thousands of clients all over the world. Some of their great services include:

    • A large collection of diamonds: Blue Nile is the online store with the largest inventory of diamonds. Round cuts, princess cut, heart, they got all you need there. You would have the benefit of selecting from a wide range of options. You know that increases the chances of finding what you want and also getting the best products!
    • Handcrafted Engagement rings: Blue Nile provides expertly handcrafted engagement rings for you and you’re beloved. Those rings are always quality and you are guaranteed a high-quality service from them.
    • Cheap Quality Products: Many times, cheap and quality do not go together – But, not at Blue Nile! They have various exclusive deals with manufacturing companies which allows them to have better offers for their customers. If you are looking to get the best diamonds at the best rates without a dip in quality, then you should contact Blue Nile.
    • Awesome Delivery Services: Blue Nile is the place to visit if you are an international customer. They have very awesome shipping and delivery services that would get your diamond sealed and undamaged to your doorstep.
    • Blue Nile also offers a 30-day return service: They do this because they are sure of the quality of the diamonds that they provide for you!

James Allen:

James Allen is a certified leader in the online business. They started doing business in 2006 and have become one of the leading online stores today. Some of the things that make them stand out include:

    • Lifetime warranty: This Company is so convinced of their products that they give you a lifetime warranty on every product that you purchase from them.
    • Free International shipping: James Allen makes it very easy for you to get your products no matter where you are. They have a well-organized system of shipping and delivery in good time and at no cost to you the buyer!
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Most clients usually have some doubts whenever they want to buy diamonds. It is obvious that James Allen values the safety and security of their clients. They help you settle your doubts by providing a 100% money-back guarantee so that your mind is at rest. Many clients make some poor decisions because they are too troubled about losing their money. However, with James Allen, your mind would be at rest and you would make the right decisions!
    • 24/7 customer service: James Allen is always available for you whenever you need them. There are no opening hours, no closing hours, they are always open!

White Flash:

Whiteflash started 19 years go. They specialize in producing quality cuts for consumers. Today they are known as the customer-first brand. There is a culture that always puts you first in Whiteflash which has been consistent over the years. Some advantages of shopping with them include:

    • A Cut Above: From their motto, you can see that they mean business. Their cuts are noted for excellent craftsmanship and outstanding performance.
    • Massive diamond collection: As you would expect, Whiteflash has a very large collection of diamonds, ranging from round cuts to princess cuts, heart-shaped diamonds and even some premium cuts for customers looking for exclusive packages.
    • Detailed Analysis of every stone: It is known far and wide that Whiteflash intentionally goes over and beyond when it comes to detailed analysis for every stone. They provide ASET images, ideal scope imaging and Hearts, and Arrow patterning so that you have everything that you need to know about the diamond that you are purchasing
    • Quality Control: Whiteflash does not joke with quality. Every diamond is tested and they must meet up to their standards of production.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Whiteflash. Winners of the 2018 BBB Pinnacle Award are experts at customer service, simple.
    • Free shipping services
    • 100% trade-up guaranteed for life

Brian Gavin:

Brian Gavin is a revered name in the diamond cutting industry. He is a pacesetter and has shown it on several occasions. One of which was developing a new grading system for the Hearts and Arrows patterning which was first presented at the International Diamond Cut Conference in 2004, which held at Moscow. He specializes in delivering super ideal cuts that showcase what the ideal diamond is supposed to look like. Here are highlights of his services:

    • Super Ideal Cut diamonds: Diamonds with no flaws! Diamonds that sparkle, that is brilliant; simply breathtaking – that is what Brian Galvin does. It is common knowledge that fancy cuts, like a cushion and the likes, are not as brilliant as the Round cut. However, Brian has perfected the art of cutting fancy shapes to the same level of brilliance with Round cuts. It is absolutely amazing!
    • Awesome customer service: The guys that work here are absolutely amazing. They respond to you with a calm and unswerving tone. They surely have a philosophy that puts the customer first
    • Wide range of products: Brian Gavin has a specialized art of making diamonds that you cannot find anywhere else. Different collections exist, for instance, the Brian Gavin Blue, Black by Brian, Brian Gavin signature Emerald and so on.


I should say that all these stores we have examined have more packages that they offer than I have mentioned. You can go check anyone you are interested in yourself.

Buying online has never been more interesting and easy as it is now. You can get whatever you want in a very short time.