Round cut diamonds which are popularly known is precious stones are the most well-known diamond shape in the world. However, over 73% of round cut diamonds are available for sale globally, 869,334 round cut diamonds out of 1,178,007 total diamonds, and these imply that the remaining nine diamond shapes combined to make up only 27 percent of the diamonds available for sale.

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Round cut diamonds. Why are they so popular? Because the ability of the round cut diamond to optimize light reflection gives it a brighter look as well as more brilliant than all other diamond shapes. Round brilliant-cut diamonds are well polished to ideal proportion and symmetry, radiate with optimum fire, scintillation and brilliance. Nevertheless, this cut is frequently called an open wound as it permits most extreme light display and sparkle and also the round cut is optimized for light refraction thereby causing light to enter the crown of the Round cut diamond and the maximum amount of light exits at the top.

The Round Cut Diamond represents over two-thirds of all diamonds sold as the most popular Diamond Shape. The brilliant round Cut boasts 58 facets, including the culet as well as offering exceptional white light reflection, also known as brilliance. With a timeless appearance, classic, Brilliant Round Cuts are most times used in necklaces, engagement rings and other beautiful jewelry pieces.

Diamonds in this shape are excellent with their elegant silhouette that looks effortless, which means they match a wide variety of settings. Choosing a Round cut diamond ring setting boils down to individuals’ preference and style while a solitaire circular diamond ring can be as stunning as something more complicated compared to a Round cut diamond with baguettes.

The round cut diamond is quite flexible, and it complements various settings because of its popularity, numerous settings are designed with a Round cut diamond in mind as a result of its brilliance, the round shape is featured often as a solitaire diamond in an environment that is simple. Moreover, this enables the attention to be on the central diamond and is a chic, classic choice.

If you wish to include a little sparkle to a stylish solitaire without going overboard, then you need to take into consideration by adding a few smaller diamonds to the band. Presently round cut diamonds are based on the generations of the research into circular diamond cuts to create the perfect shape for extreme brilliance.

At least six excellent cuts have been conceived all through round-cut diamond history, all working towards the current brilliant round-cut diamonds.

Quality of Round-Cut

To determine how brilliantly the diamond will shine it all depends on the proportions of a round-cut diamond and by evaluating a diamond’s cut is determined by accessing its facets, angles, and polish. The objective in attaining an excellent diamond cut is making a diamond that has the right proportions to give way to the maximum amount of light that travels through, which then give the diamond a sparkle that your partner will definitely like.

One of the following grades for the cut is giving to each diamond: Excellent, Ideal, Good, Very Good, Medium, Fair, or Poor then a high-quality diamond cut will surely feature proportions that enable optimal light reflection through the crown and table – giving off a beautiful, brilliant sparkle.

These ideal cuts include: Parker Brilliant, Practical Fine Cut, Typical Brilliant, Eulitz Brilliant, and American Standard

Every one of these round cuts features a unique benchmark for crown pavilion depth, height, table diameter, girdle thickness, crown angle, and also pavilion angle–adding up to a level of brilliance that is exceptional.

Why the popularity of Round cut diamonds?

The most popular diamond shape is the round cut diamonds. They make up almost 75 percent of all diamonds sold, and about 60 percent of all engagement rings.


Here are the significant reasons why round cut diamonds are highly on-demand:

 Beauty: The round cut is exceptional, and they are cut with 58 facets by which all blinks light to your eyes. For more than 100 years, diamond cutters have been seriously perfecting on the process for cutting round diamonds as gorgeous gemstones with a classic look.

Brilliance: This is what determines the sparkling of a diamond, and it is the amount of white light that shows off of the diamond’s table to your eyes. However, the whole cut part of a round cut produces more brilliance than any other shape, and these are the reason why a well-cut round diamond, like the stone in this 1.50-carat solitaire ring, is an impressive eye-catcher.

Fire: the amount of colored light that is dispersed by the diamond is refers to as a diamond’s fire with the glowing reflection that gives a diamond uniqueness and beauty. In other words, when a round cut diamond has an exceptional cut; it shows a tremendous amount of fire.

Versatility: As a matter of fact, the Round brilliant is boasts with a classic design which complements various styles from modernized Round cut diamond rings with vintage engagement rings. These precious stones are most times chosen for side stones as well, just like in the three-stone ring.

Timeless Appearance: For centuries round-shaped diamonds have been in style with their excellent facets and elegance, a round cut ring is a classic choice that will be treasured and passed on to the next generations.

Round precious stones are the main jewel shape that the GIA grades for a cut. How well a precious stone is cut is the essential factor when buying a round jewel. The GIA allocates round gemstones with the accompanying cut evaluations: very unique, generally excellent, great, reasonable, and frail. We suggest obtaining round cut diamonds with a phenomenal cut rating, which is the most outstanding cut evaluation of the GIA allocates.

The table below stipulates a general rule for assessing the cut of a round diamond. GIA considers these and different elements when allocating a cut evaluation. We have additionally populated our own “optimal cut” criteria in the table below to enable you to select the most elite round cut diamonds.

Cut Guide

TABLE % 56 – 58 55 or 59 53-54 or 60-61
DEPTH % 60.1 – 62.8 58.7-60.0 or 62.9-63.2 57.5-58.6 or 63.3-63.9
GIRDLE Thin to Slightly Thick Thin to Slightly Thick Thin to Thick
CULET None None Very Small
LENGTH TO WIDTH RATIO 1 – 1.01 1 – 1.01 1 – 1.02


Color recommendations for round-cut diamonds

Color evaluation in round cut diamonds is entirely subjective, having it in mind those customers might prefer the slightly warm colors of a G-H diamond compared to the cool colorlessness of a D-F diamond. The premium price is mostly associated with round cut diamonds at the upper end of the color scale which is driven by demand and supply; customers prefer the D-F color grades, and they are willing to pay to get them. In a world where there is no diamond color grading, the premium price for higher grades would be much lesser, as the actual differences in color are complicated to perceive. The table below gives a general guide for color evaluation in round cut diamonds.

Color Guide

< 0.5 D – J K – L M +
0.75 D – I J – K L +
1 D – H I – J K +
1.5 D – G H – I J +
2.0 + D – G H – I J +


Clarity recommendations for round-cut diamonds

Color, evaluating the clarity in round cut diamonds is subjective in the sense that (GIA) provides incredible assistance with their clarity grades. In any case, it is essential to understand that each client will have an alternative standard for clarity. Some might be entirely comfortable with an inclusion as long as they cannot see it easily. Other people may prefer a more technical appearance that is flawless. The table below gives a general guide for evaluating clarity in round diamonds.

Clarity guide

< 0.5 FL-SI1 SI2 l1
0.75 FL-VS2 SI1-SI2 l1
1 FL-VS2 SI1 Sl2
1.5 FL-VS1 VS2-SI1 Sl2
2.0 + FL-VS1 VS2-SI1 Sl2


Round cut pricing

Round cut diamonds exhibit the most crucial premium for two reasons: demand and unpleasant wastage. They are the most popular; therefore, manufacturers and suppliers tend to hold a bonus on them as a result of their application that makes them rarer. Since diamonds are natural material and they can’t just be produced on a notice. Secondly, when an unpleasant diamond is mined, it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. There is no prediction around what size or form will be uncovered. The method for the rough isn’t ideal for cutting a round diamond. A diamond cutter topmost priority is to increase the carat weight. Round cut diamonds yield the produces rough surface and top out between 28 percent – 38 percent rough usage, which indicates that more of that precious raw material is going to waste.

 For a 1 carat round cut that is VS2 clarity, an Excellent cut, and a G color diamond, you can hope to pay in some places around 5283 dollars. The cost will go up from that point as clarity and evaluations of colors grades increases. Don’t expect to pay double of this for a 2 carat round cut. These precious stones costs are not straight since it turns out to be progressively challenging to discover rough material enormous enough to deliver the more magnificent rocks. That implies the cost for a 2 carat diamond of any shape can rapidly shoot up to somewhere in the range of 8,000 and 20,000 dollars. Fixed price obviously, rely upon how the 4Cs of such precious stones evaluate every diamond.

Brilliant Round cut diamonds Pros and Cons

We’ve secured a couple of cuts like cushioned cut, yet the splendid round cut is the one with which a large number of people are used to. It has been around since the mid-1900s and has been incredibly prevalent as a wedding ring. At the point when individuals consider wedding rings, they will frequently imagine a simple round splendid solitaire as the ring of their choice.

Pros of Round cut diamond

The brilliant round cut diamond has numerous advantages to them, including how incredible it looks independent from anyone else just as a significant aspect of radiance or bright precious stone setting.

Incredibly Popular

The prevalence of the brilliant-cut implies that you will have the option to discover a diamond that suits your needs and the kind of metal and coloring that you are searching for in a diamond wedding ring. You can pick white, rose or yellow gold just as platinum or tungsten relying upon your inclination. Some wooden rings look unbelievable with an untouched, round cut diamond that looks so brilliant.

Highest Fire and Brilliance of All Cuts

The capacity of the cut to reflect light implies it has more fire and brilliance than different cuts. It is what makes the cut so available for wedding rings. They are charming and flashy, which prompts many ladies adoring what they look like as commitment and wedding rings.


Promptly Available

The cuts popularity implies that precious stones dealers are frequently taking diamonds and making brilliant round cuts. You will have the option to locate the correct diamond ring for your cherished one or yourself without settling on the structure style that you need.

Incredible as Solitaires

While a few cuts don’t generally look incredible as a solitaire, the brilliant round cut is the thing that numerous individuals expect typically in a solitaire diamond wedding ring. It is a conventional kind of plan that fits well with the solitaire and genuine commitment approach that individuals are utilized to in diamond rings as well as hides small flaws

It’s recommended that you stay above a G for color on the (GIA) scale and SI1 or SI2 for clarity, but that leaves a lot of room for diamonds which are not flawless. This can mean a lower quality diamond is within budget because it looks perfect, bright, and full of fire.

Absence of Sharp Edges

It is suggested that you remain over a G for color on the (GIA) scale and SI1 or SI2 for clarity, yet that leaves a great deal of space for precious stones which are not impeccable.


Variety of Settings

Without any edges to stress over, you can buy your brilliant Round cut with an assortment of settings. You can get a prong setting or a bezel setting relying upon the sort of diamond wedding ring you need to buy. You may likewise need to get a pressure setting for a remarkable turn on your brilliant Round cut choice.

Tremendous Resale Value

If you ever choose to sell your diamond ring or move up to a more celebrated jewel later, you will have no issue offering your ring to someone else. The resale worth won’t go down because of patterns or less interest for the sort and style of the ring.

Cons of Round Brilliant cut Diamond

There are a more significant number of advantages to the brilliant Round cut than disadvantages. However, there are just a few. We need to give all of you the information you have to make a wise acquisition of such an essential bit of adornments.

Greater expense than Other Cuts

While a few cuts are minimal effort, the brilliant diamond is on the higher part of the bargain. You won’t have the option to purchase a 2 carat round brilliant for a similar expense as an emerald or princess cut wedding diamond ring.

To Find Large Carat and Quality it is quite a challenge

At the point when a diamond specialist cuts the brilliant Round, a significant part of the precious stone is expelled to decrease its blinking features. This implies a considerable part of the diamond itself is cut from the rock underneath. That can make it challenging to locate a large carat just as making the higher carats way more costly than different cuts.

Excessively Popular

Purchasing this kind of jewel cut means that there will be no good contrast between solitaire and the next. A brilliant round solitaire is standard to such an extent that there is no one of a kind characteristic for the individual wearing it. While this isn’t a worry for certain ladies, others need an increasingly one kind and an exceptional bit of adornments when they are getting ready for marriage.


For a considerable length of time, round cut diamonds have been the most well-known jewel shapes in the shopper advertise – particularly acclaimed for wedding rings, pieces of jewelry, and other beautiful gems. This beautiful state of diamonds is designed to meet present-day ideas of excellence, with an ageless and exemplary style. Round-cut diamonds highlight staggering splendor and fire that glows in the light, made conceivable by exacting rules for perfect extents. These rules access the round jewel’s aspect edges, shape, support width, culet size, clean, and balance to decide the evaluation of the diamond.

For an ideal and fantastic jewel alternative, the perfect extents of round-cut diamond offers agelessness and tastefulness, just as brilliant sparkle as the most looked into diamond shape in the business, the round-cut is upheld by cutting edge logical speculations of light reflection, scientific counts, and hundreds of years of modernization.

The round brilliant diamond wedding ring is a notable choice for a proposition. While you can’t turn out badly with this sort of cut, you need to be sure that you are making the ring as one of a kind as could be expected under the circumstances. A lady who cherishes the customary, famous solitaire jewel will love this style cut.