• Toronto is the headquarters of diversity and variety
  • There are several diamond stores here and they also deliver quality
  • Buying diamond from stores can give you access to the variety and help you see what exactly you want to buy
  • You can also get to watch the diamond being made.


    • Online buying eliminates the problem of going long distances to see or buy a diamond
      • It also eliminates the stress that comes with it.
      • You can do all the inspection and purchase from the comfort of your room
    • Online buying helps you to maximize time
      • Instead of spending a great deal of time trying to go from shop to shop, you can utilize the time in checking online stores with more ease
    • Online, you get a large variety of diamonds because there is unlimited stock available!
      • Offline retail stores have a limited amount of diamonds they can display at a time
      • You would definitely find what you are looking for
    • Online stores give you more access to educational tools and content.
      • You can learn in the comfort of your room
      • You can learn at your own pace
      • They provide unbiased and objective tips for you as you plan to purchase
    • Online stores have great and responsive customer care services.
      • Their services are available 24/7


      • James Allen:
        • Established in 2006
        • Known for delivering quality over the years
        • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
        • Has a large collection of diamonds
        • Provides quality pictures and videos so you can view their products well
      • Blue Nile: Oldest in the online diamond selling business
        • They offer the cheapest diamond sales, without a dip in quality. You can save as much as 30%
        • Several exclusive deals with various manufacturers as a result of their longstanding quality delivery
          • This translates into juicier packages for customers
        • Largest online collection of diamonds
        • Best online store for international buyers
      • Whiteflash: A leader in the online business.
        • Has a large collection of diamonds that provide variety for the customers
        • Provide detailed analysis of every diamond
        • Has very strict methods of quality control to ensure the best is what you get
        • Whiteflash is known for its excellent customer services, unmatched by any other
          • Recently featured on the New York Times because of their outstanding consumer service via chats and tech-enabled communication!
      •  Brian Gavin: A fifth-generation diamond cutter.
        • Known for his super ideal cuts that are unbeaten in the market
        • Runs a personal inventory so every diamond is personally cut and curated
        • Provides detailed analysis of every stone
        • Awesome sales policies

Toronto – the headquarters of diversity and variety: The home of multicultural living. Fashion, food, drinks, festivals and of course diamonds!

Due to the overwhelming size of the city, you can expect a lot of stores for whatever you are looking for.

Diamond selling is on a high here, with several couples getting engaged and others renewing their vows. Engagement rings are in high demand and it is not surprising to find that there are very good stores in the city.

Some have been in business for years and have been delivering great quality to different folks. There are other newer stores just starting up.

There are also American imported chain stores that are present in Toronto, in abundance. They also sell quality rings, but you definitely might not be able to get a genuine Canadian diamond ring for your engagement.

One of the advantages of buying from diamond stores in the city is that some of them have a large collection of diamonds that allows you to see the variety and different choices. This makes it easier for you to get what you want.

Some even allow you to watch the ring making process, which can be truly a special feeling.

However, as we all know, the online world is taking over. The internet has connected everyone from everywhere to everything and we believe that you would be able to get great diamond quality from online retailers.

Here is why:

  1. DISTANCE: Toronto is a very large city, where it seems everyone is in a hurry to get something done. Some customers have to drive for hours before they even come around to see what stores have. Now, imagine that the store does not have what you want and you have to go back home the same day, without getting the satisfaction you desired. Now add the stress of staying on the road for a long time and you know that you might end up being cranky for most of that day!

Now, online, the case is not so. With your laptop in your room, on your bed, you can begin to examine each diamond and take your time on each one. You do not have to spend long hours on the road just to see what a store has.

The online market bridges the gap between you and your next diamond.


Even if you do not get what you want that day, I am certain you would not be as stressed out as if you took a long journey just to examine what you wanted. All you have to do is just click, or maybe double-click!

  1. TIME: Some people can spend a year just looking for a diamond engagement ring. Yes, they might be unsure, but apart from that, they have to go a long way to even check the diamonds out and this takes a lot of time. After spending about 8 hours or more on the road to get to a store in Toronto, a customer got there and they did not have what she wanted! 8 hours of a day gone, just like that and she still had to go back home that same day!


In a world that is fast-paced like ours, 1 hour wasted is such a big deal.

If the customer had spent those 8 hours online, I am so sure that she would have either found something she wanted or at least made some progress in finding what she wanted and she would not have felt like she wasted 16 hours of her day!


  1. LIMITED STOCK: I was reading a review by a customer on one of the stores in Toronto. She had come to a great distance to buy an engagement ring only for her to get there and not find what she needed. The options they had were limited. There are indeed some great diamond stores that offer a wide variety of options when it comes to diamond selection.

However, we know that it can NEVER match the options that exist online. Some online stores have over 200, 000 items present at any time of the day or month or year! There is always a wide range of options available. As a matter of fact, I can bet that you cannot go through the entire collection of so many stores online. The number of pages seems endless and you would just keep going on and on! You cannot come online and not find what you want, because online is where the diamonds live!


  1. EDUCATION: While some stores in Toronto give you a very good education on what diamonds entail they are usually not as detailed as those online. A diamond vendor might take out time to explain some things to you, but since it is done in person, some details might be left out, which might also affect your decision. Again, a diamond seller telling you about his products – You would have to rely on his openness and honesty that he does not influence your decision by what he tells you. Again, do not forget that you have to go some distance to get this education!

For an online business, diamond education is done without bias. You get to understand how different characteristics affect the value and quality of your diamond. The education is usually well structured and arranged so that you do not have to leave your home to get it. An article may be an e-book that you can download and read anytime you like. This makes it possible to grasp different concepts at your own pace.

You are not looking at the time, in a hurry because of appointments. Also, the attendant does not have several customers to attend to, you can get all the information you need online very easily.


  1. Customer care: Someone is thinking, but they cannot attend to me online just like an attendant in a store.

Well, who says? Online stores have very responsive customer care services. As you are reading or checking something on the site, if you get confused about something, you can chat them up (usually there is a chat icon on your screen, by the right corner in most cases). You get replies instantly and no issues whatsoever. You get responses to what you want and continue your reading or inspection.


Now, with these, I believe you would want to know which online stores to go to.

Just like there are several stores in Toronto, some who provide quality services and others, who well, provide services, there are also online stores that are excellent and those that are… OK!


We would recommend the following online stores for their excellence in service delivery over time:

James Allen:

This name resonates very far and wide in the online diamond business. James Allen started in 2006 and since then has risen to become a powerhouse in the sales of diamonds. They exist to make the purchase of diamonds easy and comfortable for the customers. Some of the reasons why James Allen should be considered include:

    • They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee: James Allen provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product that you receive, you can return the product and get your money back within 30days. They provide customer safety and satisfaction that you seek. Very few offline stores offer such an offer when purchasing from them.
    • Huge collection of diamonds: Remember I spoke about 200,000 quality diamonds? Well, this was referring to James Allen. Now you can imagine how many options you have when it comes to diamond selection!

As a world-class online store, James Allen also offers you the opportunity to visually inspect each diamond before purchasing. They do this by providing 360 degrees High definition videos and pictures of the diamonds. This store also has 24 hours friendly customer service that is there to help you out in case you get stuck anytime!

Blue Nile:

This is the oldest dealer in the online game. They have gained the trust of thousands of customers over the past 20 years of service. The Blue Nile is a favorite for so many people because of the following reasons:

    • They offer the cheapest services in the market: Blue Nile’s diamonds are among the cheapest you can get anywhere! Some of their diamonds can be as much as 30%lesser than other stores and no, there is no drop in quality as you might have been thinking! With the Blue Nile, you get to save more.
    • Several Exclusive deals: As a result of the time they have spent in the market, Blue Nile has been able to gain the trust and confidence of several diamond manufacturers. As a result, these manufacturers directly make deals with them and so, they have several offers that you would not find anywhere else. This also contributes to the reduced price that is observed in Blue Nile products.
    • The Blue Nile has the largest collection of diamonds online. They have diamonds that would stun you and you would definitely find what you want with the Blue Nile, you can rest assured!

The Blue Nile is also the best online store for International customers because of its delivery and sales policies. They have great customer services and you can count on their products as they have very strict quality control.

White Flash:

Whiteflash is also one of the leaders in the online game of diamond sales. They have been around for a while and definitely know their onions when it comes to sales of top-quality diamonds. Some of the reasons you should consider them include:

    • Large collection of diamonds: As expected, they have a huge collection of diamonds that would definitely suit your needs. Once you check them out, you would most likely find what you are looking for
    • Detailed Analysis of every stone: Whiteflash provides you with a very detailed analysis of every stone that they have. They go beyond the conventional grading reports and provide you with details on ASET, magnified Photographs, and Hearts and Arrows patterning of their diamonds.
    • STRICT QUALITY CONTROL: Whiteflash has one of the strictest quality control in the online market. Every product has to go through several tests to certify the authenticity and quality.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Whiteflash has been the recipient of the BBB Awards of excellence and quality in the workplace for 14 years in a row now! Their customer service is great and you are treated like someone that is valuable and important because you actually are! They attend to all your needs and questions promptly. As a matter of fact, Whiteflash was featured in the New York Times because of its reliable chat support!

Other distinguishing qualities of White flash include a premium collection, they also offer 30 days money-back guarantee. They provide free shipping services and allow you to sell your diamonds after a year for 70% of the original price.

Brian Gavin:

Brian Gavin collection is a fifth-generation diamond cutter. His craft was inherited as a family business and he took it to a whole new level. He is famous for developing new techniques and technologies to enhance the diamond cutting world. Some of the things that stand him out include:

    • Super Ideal Cut Diamonds: Brian Gavin is known for his super ideal cut diamonds that are unmatched in quality by anyone else. As a matter of fact, his cuts always stand out and if you are looking for cuts that would always surpass expectations, then you are talking about Brian Gavin!
    • He runs a personal inventory: Brian Gavin has a personal inventory that contains his own products. As such, he is able to maintain strict quality control of the products that appear online. This inventory contains diamonds that are personally cut and curated.
    • Brian Gavin provides a detailed analysis of every stone so you can know exactly what you are buying.

He is also known to have great sales policies.

Having examined several leading online retailers, you would agree with me that buying online offers more variety and ease than going to your local stores in Toronto. They all offer great value at great comfort and you are assured of the very best.

Therefore, once you are ready to get that diamond, all you need is a laptop and internet connection and then you are exposed to a world of stunning, breathtaking diamonds, so you can make the best choice!

Happy online diamond buying!