Oval cut diamonds over the years are simply an extended round of brilliant cut with the appeal of these loose diamonds that goes much deeper. Oval cuts diamond has the splendor of the round diamond, but with a unique shape. They are trendy and fashionable diamond cut that, when it is well cut, can look much bigger than a round diamond. In any case, many individuals love the shape of these diamonds for another of its benefits: Oval cut diamonds can give your fingers a look that is thinner and also longer, and it complements a wide range of hand sizes as well as shapes. Although the form is a more recent cut discovered in the mid-1900s, as of then, it has already been proven to be a lasting and lovely style.

James Allen loose diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are uniquely modified brilliant-cut since the two shapes portray similar brilliance and fire, the oval cut diamond is a welcome choice for any customer who prefers the size and shape of a diamond that is round, but also wants something more unique. Nonetheless, Oval cut diamonds have the added benefits of an elongated shape and as a result, can create the illusion of bigger size. The slimmer shape can also make the finger of the wearer appear longer and thinner, an effect often desired.

Recently, there have been so many buzzes around the oval cut diamond, and it is fast becoming one of the diamonds shapes that are most popular for engagement rings. Therefore, oval cut diamonds look very sophisticated and classy, not just in engagement rings, also for drop earrings and pendants. The oval cut diamond is an excellent choice as it is one of the fanciest diamond cuts and whether it is used as chosen as a center stone or accent stones.

For quite sometimes the oval cut diamond has been around, but the one we knew today took its root in the year 1960. It is a cross between the pear-shaped diamond and round brilliant except that if it has no pointed edges, the oval Cut contains the same number of facets as a round cut 58 aspects known as a modified round brilliant. This makes the sparkle more astonishing and fire.

How outstanding is an oval cut diamond?

This sleek and modern oval cut diamond has been considered as a combination of the round brilliant and pear shape styles. Many females like the oval Cut diamonds compare to the brilliant-cut because of the shape which makes the diamond appear better. This shape also has the power to make shorter fingers longer, also making a woman feel unique and elegant.

Except for the elongation, which is gotten from the pear cut pattern, these diamond is reasonably similar to the brilliant round diamond. Both cuts make use of the first type with 58 facets structure and also a sparkle that is incredible and instantly lights up the room.

The cut quality of oval cut diamond

The most significant component in any diamond is the nature of its Cut, which impacts the crucial magnificence and structure of the stone along with its ability to offer splendor and fire. While the gemological institute of America gives Cut reviewing to specific shapes, for example, brilliant round Cuts; it doesn’t provide slice evaluating to Oval Cut Diamonds.

As a matter of fact, Oval cut standard parameters for fantastic oval cuts are unachievable as a result of the complexity in oval cut diamonds and the unique nature. Despite what any individual will describe, there is no magic combination for table % or depth %. All Cut recommendations for Oval cut Diamonds should be regarded as usually subjective and widely general.

Most importantly, an Oval cut Diamond’s magnificent look is controlled by what you—and the wearer—see. Research on Oval Cut Diamonds ultimately—and, preferably, have a diamond-cut dealer to help you. Rather than planning to be smart in your choice with your diamond purchase, make sure that you do.

To offer a free guideline for a magnificently oval cut Diamond, we give our general parameters to Cut Quality below. Remember that these parameters are general and ought not to be connected without taking a look at the diamond yourself, thereby getting a diamond specialist’s opinion.

Oval Cut Diamond – Cut Quality Guide

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Table % 53-63 52 or 64-65 51 or 66-68 50 or 69-70 <50 or >70
Depth % 58-62 56-57.9 or 62.1-66 53-55.9 or 66.1-71 50-52.9 or 71.1-74 <50 or >74
Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin – Thick Very Thin – Very Thick Extremely Thin – Extremely Thick
Cutlet None Very Small Small Medium >Medium
Length/Width Ratio 1.35-1.50 1.30-1.34 or 1.51-1.55 1.25-1.29 or 1.56-1.60 1.20-1.24 or 1.61-1.65 >1.20 or <1.65


Length to width ratio- Oval cut diamond

The length of a diamond to width ratio uncovers how proportionate it is to its expected shape (for example square or rectangular). To figure the period to width ratio calculation, get the range of the diamond by its width divided. For example, an oval cut diamond with a 5.5mm length and a 3.5mm width of has a length to width ratio of 1.57.

Preferences differ on how restricted or fat an oval cut diamond ought to be, so therefore, pick what appeals to you personally (however a length to width ratio of 1.35 – 1.50 is viewed as the large oval cut). A thinner cut may look most engaging in a setting where side stones flank the diamond.

Oval cut diamonds with bowtie effect

As a result of their unusual nature, shape with elongation, most of all oval cut diamonds have a strong bowtie effect. The dim space stretching all over the diamond’s center is considered as the bowtie. The severity of a bowtie varies among diamonds: sometimes it is noticeable easily, and other times it is hardly visible. A diamond with a bowtie will distract the beauty of the stone. You will want to be sure not to choose a diamond with a dominant bowtie. We suggest that you have a diamond specialist to review your stone before making your purchase.

Oval cut diamonds have some features of the bow-tie, varying from nearly invisible to severe. The bow-tie visibility impact cannot be confirmed by reviewing the diamond certificate or dimensions, but only when visually inspected.


Assessing the color in an oval cut diamond is subjective. Remember that numerous purchasers may incline toward the somewhat cool tones of a G-H diamond over the new D-F colorless diamond. The majority of the premium in cost-related with an oval cut diamond at the higher part of the bargain scale is driven by free-market activity; clients need the D-F color grades and are also glad to pay a premium to get them. In a world without diamonds color reviewing, the value premium for higher evaluations would be much lower, as the good contrasts in coloring are hard to see. The coloring diagram below gives a general manual for assessing coloring in oval cut diamonds.

Oval cut diamond are great at concealing color, due to their splendid faceting design, implying that you can drop down on the coloring scale and still have a diamond that is good looking. The D-G colorless grade is most people’s first choice, as the less coloring in the diamond, the better. These grades will give you more sparkle and fire often as well. Be that as it may if you would prefer light tints in your diamond for it to drop down the scale to the extent that you wish to exceed. Most of the retailer’s stock up to M hued diamonds, which are well beautifully tinted.

If you would like your diamond to be set in a silver-tinted metal, for example, white gold or platinum, it’s ideal to go with an H color or better. In any case, if you have picked yellow or rose gold, you can drop the color evaluation down to a K or an I for the best value. Notwithstanding, remembering that the cost between two grades can be altogether different even though the appearance may be the equivalent, it bodes well to pick a diamond with a lower coloring grade where conceivable.

Oval cut Diamond – Color Guide.

< .50 ct. D – G H – I J – K L – M > M
.51-1.0 ct. D – F G H – I J – K > K
1.0-2.0 ct. D – F G – H I – J > J
> 2.0 ct. D – F G H – I > I
Fluoro None Faint – Med Strong Very Strong



Like coloring, assessing clearness in oval cut diamonds is abstract. The (GIA) gives excellent assistance with their clarity grades. In any case, it is of great importance to understand that every client will have a remarkable standard for clarity. Some might be comfortable perfectly with inclusion as long as they cannot see it easily. Others may demand an all the more, in fact, faultless appearance. The clarity diagram below gives you a general manual for assessing clarity in oval cut diamonds. The oval cut is perfect at concealing imperfections and flaws in the diamond, particularly around the edges.  As the purchaser, what do these mean?

This implies for a lovely looking oval cut diamonds, and you won’t need to choose a high clarity diamond. Diamonds with a high clarity reviewing are more costly than those lower on the scale. You will probably set aside cash by going down lower on the clarity grade without settling on the excellence of the stone. You can select a clarity evaluation of Slightly Included 1 or Slightly Included 2 for the best value while receiving an extraordinary diamond still. With regards to clarity, what’s significant is that the stone is eye-clean with no apparent flaws.

Oval cut Diamond – Clarity Guide.

< .50 ct.           FL – VS2           SI1 – SI2           I1         I2         > I2
.51-1.0 ct.        FL – VS1           VS2 – SI1          SI2       I1 – I2   > I2
1.0-2.0 ct.        FL – VVS2         VS1 – VS2         SI1 – SI2           I1         > I1
> 2.0 ct.           FL – VVS2         VS1 – VS2         SI1       SI2       > SI2


Picking the Right Style and Setting

For the fact that the oval shape lacks pointed edges, cuts that have led edges are more vulnerable, unlike marquise or pear cuts. In other words, the classic setting for any diamond is the setting with solitaire. For the best look, select a prong setting as this will give you a chance for the maximum amount of light reflection and the diamond visibility. You can choose a four-prong, six prongs or 8 prongs depending on the size of the stone. Moreover, the higher the number of prongs, the better the security and the more accentuated the shape, but the lower the visibility of the diamond.

Another unique setting for oval cut diamonds is the halo setting. This added extra sparkle as well as maximizing the diamond look. An environment that is halo also tends to increase the elongated shape of the diamond and also separating it from other diamond cuts.

Style guide

Less commonly seen than the round brilliant but equal in sparkle and beauty, for an individual that needs a classic, timeless style that’s a little bit different, an oval cut diamond is a perfect choice. This oval shape was chosen by the famously Princess Diana for her diamond engagement ring and sapphire, which was later inherited by Kate Middleton through Prince William.

The elongated oval cut diamond shape is extremely flattering on all finger types. For short fingers, it has a lengthening impact while slimmer fingers are balanced by both the length and the full curves.



An oval cut diamond will cost lesser than that of a round cut diamond of the same clarity and carat, so it is easy for you to afford a bigger diamond for your budget. As a bonus, the more significant the area of an oval cut diamond surface makes it look more substantial than a round cut of the same size, so this is a good option if you will like a set with a large diamond.

More sparkle

In other to determine a diamond’s sparkle and brilliance, it is through the cut, and the oval cut is one of the best cuts of all. When you choose an oval cut ring with a center stone, you are guaranteed a brilliant sparkle on your finger.

Slimming impacts on fingers

The oval cut shape of the diamond can make a woman’s fingers look longer and thinner If you are looking for a slimmer effect. Always try to make experiment with different shapes of stones before taking your decision to make sure that the shape of your ring gives your finger an excellent complement.

Does not catch or scratch

The oval cut diamond has no sharp corners on it. Therefore, it is a tremendous practical wear for every day. Any diamond cut with sharp edges is likely to catch on surfaces while you are carrying out routine tasks, leading to the risk of breaking the prongs which set the stone in place. An oval cut diamond’s prongs are far less likely to break than the prongs of a square-cut diamond.

Settings of your choice

The oval cut diamond is a more original choice in itself; you can also choose from different backgrounds. With an oval-cut stone, there are options available a 4-prong, 6-prong, or bezel setting. However, a four-prong environment tends to be less obtrusive, displaying your diamond, and as the cut is likely to catch less, these four prongs can go a long way to be enough to hold it firmly. The setting of the six prongs does offer the extra security of a firm hold, although the added metal might overshadow a smaller diamond. Alternatively, a bezel setting is a strip of metal encircling the stone and holding it securely in a place.


Bow tie effect

The major concern with oval cut diamond-shaped rings is whether the bow-tie is a noticeable effect on the diamond. With any cut diamond that is fancy, and particularly the oval cut, the light cannot distribute efficiently throughout the diamond thereby, causing the image of a bow tie in the center of the stone. Nonetheless, an oval cut also shows the effect of the bow tie, although they are barely visible and generally light. It is vital to ensure that the effect of the bow-tie will make you uncomfortable before you purchase your stone.

Shows flaws

The oval cut does not tend to highlight any defects, blemishes, and inclusions within the diamond, so if you will then need clarity of VS1 or above and also a color of G and above to make the most of your purchase. The good thing about oval cut shape diamond rings is a cheaper rate compared to round cuts, It is affordable to invest in higher clarity and color.


The Oval Cut Diamond with curved shape is perfect for those with an active lifestyle because it doesn’t have any pointed edges. The fancy nature of the oval cut diamond also showcases a distinct personality with a high level of brilliance as well as fire. Consider an oval cut diamond for an individual who requires a good look with a unique flair and excellent durability.